Inside Mio: Body Brush – what are the benefits of body brushing?

The Benefits of Body Brushing

The benefits of body brushing have been big news for some time now, hailed by beauty editors across the globe as an essential step in an efficacious body care routine.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, integral to the elimination and detoxification process and is thought to be responsible for excreting nearly a third of the body’s daily impurities.

Far from just improving the appearance of our skin, the benefits of body brushing extend to having a tangible impact on our health, including but not limited to;

·        Boosting circulation

·        Removing dead skin cells

·        Stimulating lymph nodes

·        Improving digestion

·        Helping cells and the body in general remove waste

If the above isn’t quite enough to convince you of the benefits of body brushing, it’s also incredibly impactful on skin’s appearance.

Featured recently on BBC One’s “The Truth About Looking Good”, a group of women tested three popular cellulite treatments over a five-week period, with body brushing emerging the most triumphant as the women saw a 26% reduction in cellulite.


How to dry body brush

The Mio Body Brush has been recognised industry wide for its quality and efficacy, featured by the likes of Elle, Vogue and W Magazine. Check out our tips below on how to use to really maximise the benefits of body brushing.

·        Best done in the morning, or before you shower, start at the soles of your feet.

·        Work up your calves in long sweeping strokes, always brushing in the direction of your heart to compliment the natural direction of your lymphatic system.

·        Pay special attention to backs of thighs or areas where cellulite is most prevalent.

·        Now move onto your arms, starting on your hands and continuing to brush in long, upward strokes towards the heart.

·        After this move onto your back where possible or ask your partner to help if you can.

·        Finally, brush your tummy and chest, using clockwise strokes on your tummy, following the direction of your digestive system.

Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it is comfortable. It should be stimulating enough to increase circulation but gentle on your skin. You should see a rosy flush to the areas you have brushed. It’s good to try and give a minimum of 3 minutes for this whole body brushing, ideally 3 times a week.

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