Since the launch of Mio in 2014, our mission has always remained been simple; to give you fit skin for life.

Mio was born after the realisation that our lovely Mio Mamas continued to use our skin care products after their gorgeous babies had entered the world. Additionally, here at Mio, we LOVE to keep fit but couldn’t find any skin care products that specifically catered to our healthy lifestyle. So voilà, we created Mio – the skin care brand that works as hard as you do.

We cannot stress enough the importance of treating the outside of your body as good as your insides! Skin care and a healthy lifestyle are two phrases that aren’t usually associated together, however we are here to change this perception. Similar to a personal fitness trainer, Mio is specifically designed for all your skin’s needs. Our high intensity body care will allow your skin to ooze confidence, and there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s confident in their own skin.

If you work Mio into your daily skin care routine, Mio will work for you. Our products range from moisturising body butter to firming serums, and we are dedicated to help you achieve your fitness and personal goals. So why not jump on board and unlock your skin’s potential with Mio.