Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love

Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Treat her to the gift of carefully formulated plant-based body care with our top Mother’s Day gift ideas.

At Mio, we believe that body care is about making your own rules, embracing your body and living your best life. We create powerful plant-based products for every skin and every body to boost your feel-great and empower you with confidence, helping you to love your body even further. Give your Mom the gift of mood-uplifting essential oils and feel-good 100% natural fragrances.

1. Self Care Set for Her

One of our perfect Mother’s Day gifts is our Self Care Set for Her bundle. The ultimate body care kit to give her maximum body-loving and feel-good vibes, this set of women’s body care essentials embraces a brighter, stronger future for her skin. It contains five of our best-selling and iconic products to smooth, hydrate, and exfoliate her skin.

Charged with natural firming properties like Caffeine and Genistein to smooth out any bumpy areas, The Peachy Cheeks Bum Booster Cream will gently exfoliate and remove surface skin cells to improve the texture of the skin. The Liquid Yoga Space Spray has an aromatherapy blend of essential oils like lavender and calming natural ingredients like Cannabis Seed oil to reach an ultimate state of zen. Sun Drenched Easy Glow Body Wash locks in hydration thanks to nourishment from ingredients like Andiroba Oil and mood-lifting fragrances of citrus and orange blossom. Our Golden Hour Illuminating Moisturiser highlights with illuminating micro pearlescent particles, leaving skin with a healthy-looking and sun-kissed glow. The Heavenly Body Exfoliating Body Scrub encourages cell renewal and helps release surface cells, leaving skin beautifully soft and revived. 

2. Relaxing Skin Routine Duo

Give the gift of relaxation with our best-selling Liquid Yoga products packed with feel-good essential oils to create a soothing atmosphere. The ideal duo for those seeking some serenity, treat Mom to a blend of aromatherapy essential oils and natural calming actives like Cannabis Seed oil.. The Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak will radiate a calming and soothing aroma that leaves skin feeling moisturized.  The Liquid Yoga Space Spray will create a place of serenity to help her reach an ultimate state of zen.

3. Night Time Routine Duo

The ideal relaxing pair of night time essentials to calm the senses and revitalize her skin as she sleeps. Packed with calming properties and mood-uplifting fragrances, she’ll wake up feeling fully revived with the Night Time Routine Duo. The Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Body Serum deeply hydrates and resurfaces overnight to give her skin a healthy-looking, revitalized radiance. The AHA Blend will encourage surface cell renewal and Shea Butter will deeply nourish. The Liquid Yoga Body Relaxing Bath Soak gives a calming and soothing aroma while leaving skin feeling soft, supple, and relaxed.

4. Active Skin Routine Duo

The perfect gift for an active lifestyle; revitalizes, hydrates and protects her body as you push it to its limits. Ideal for post-workouts, she can use this duo for an instant body refresh to soothe and cool down your skin and muscles. Apply the Muscle Motivator Muscle Cooling Gel for an instant cooling relief for skin to use during or post-workout. It is powered with invigorating plant-based extracts and a revitalizing scent of menthol and eucalyptus. The Dive In Refreshing Body Wash will refresh and cleanse the body, leaving skin feeling zingy and hydrated refreshed after working out. Coconut Oil will moisturize with a revitalizing fragrance of eucalyptus and orange essential oils. 

5. Hydrated Skin Routine Duo

Surprise her with our Hydrated Skin Routine Duo that gives her body the full hydration experience with this perfect moisturizing pair, formulated to hydrate, nourish and support skin. Use the duo to improve the texture of her skin for the ideal body-loving gift! The Future Proof Natural Body Butter helps protect against dryness by nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It’s packed with Omega-rich actives, moisturizing Andiroba oil and an uplifting scent of citrus and orange blossom which 95% agreed the product left skin feeling instantly nourished and protected from dryness.* The Peachy Cheeks Butt Cream gently exfoliates and helps remove surface skin cells to improve the texture of your skin. The star of the show is natural firming properties like Caffeine and Genistein to smooth out any bumpy areas which 83% agreed the product left skin feeling more elastic.*

*Tested on respondents in a 2 week independent consumer trial. For further details, see individual product page.

Personalize your own Mother’s Day gift by building your own bundle or gift set here. 

Elizabeth Thomsen

Elizabeth Thomsen

Writer and expert