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Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm

Dance the night away with our best-selling anti-friction, moisturizing balm. Expertly formulated to allow the legs to glide off each other, while niacinamide prevents the appearance of redness, our anti-friction balm is perfect to keep chub rub at bay.


Pit Proof Natural Deodorant

Say bye bye BO and hello to our NEW Pit Proof natural deodorant, helping to control BO whilst leaving your skin feeling nourished! It’s also aluminum free. Make a switch to natural and have a sweat free summer!


Golden Hour Illuminating Body Moisturizer

For that ultimate glow, try our Golden Hour Illuminating moisturiser to give skin a subtle bronzed shimmer. Boasting our iconic Feel-good Complex with Monks Pepper Berry and Indian Fig extract, you’ll be left with an instant sensation of wellbeing and hydration as your skin glimmers with a healthy sun-kissed shimmer.


Liquid Yoga Space Spray

Our best-selling, relaxing spray instantly induces a sense of peace and serenity, wherever it’s used. With a calming blend of essential oils including Cannabis Oil, spritz around your room or on your yoga mat to be transported to a state of ultimate zen.


Our customers say...

You can feel the difference

Great quality, easily absorbed and makes my skin feel firmer, I'm definitely more confident since using this, would highly recommend!

Best AHA Product I've Used!

I applied this in the evening and woke up with such smooth skin! I've tried other AHA body exfoliants but they usually leave my skin dry or irritated. With this I did not experience any irritation whatsoever, would definitely recommend this product!