Detox Squad Range

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Give your body the deep cleanse it deserves with our detox body products. Packed with plant-based actives and our Feel-Good Complex, within this range are the products you need for the ultimate skin detox. Gently sweep away impurities and buff the skin with our scrub to reveal your natural glow and healthy-looking radiance. What's more, the body cleanser doubles as a full body mask that will work to leave your skin feeling gently soothed, thoroughly cleansed, and deeply nourished. You can bet that your body will look and feel incredibly radiant after trying the cleansing experience provided by our Detox Squad. Learn more about the Detox Squad Range.
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Why Mio Skincare Detox Squad Range?

Within our Detox Squad range are the detox skin products to give your body the ultimate refresh. Made with plant-based actives and natural, cruelty-free ingredients, these clever formulas have been specially designed to leave your skin squeaky clean. Meanwhile, we have created a 100% natural fragrance with feel-good notes to uplift the soul as you cleanse from head to toe.