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Celebrate Two Years of Mio with Our Body Confidence Squad

It’s our second birthday and we want to celebrate YOU! Put on your dancing shoes and join us as we celebrate two years of building body confidence, powerful plant-based formulas and sustainable skincare!  From brand new products to revamped cult classics, thanks to you, our dedicated customers, we’ve achieved a lot over the past two years and we’re just getting started! 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about one of our most-loved ranges, your birthday essentials and hear from our assistant campaign manager. Plus, keep an eye out for some fantastic birthday offers and treats! Get ready for a birthday you’ll never forget…

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Get that birthday glow, everyday! 

Forget what it’s like to wake up to glowing skin? Look no further. For all year-round radiance, we have you covered. On our second birthday, we’re celebrating with our party prep range: Glow Getters! With 5 plant-powered and sustainable products to choose from, we’ve bottled incredible ingredients and powerful formulas including AHA’s to give your skin an instant gleam. Boasting 100% natural fragrances, the Glow Getters are infused with mood-uplifting aromas of citrus, orange blossom and Indian fig extract, as well as anti-oxidant complexes to boost the skin’s protection. From a super nourishing Body Butter to an illuminating Sugar Scrub, Glow Getters has it all! 

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Our Birthday Faves 

When it comes to being ‘party-ready’, there’s no such thing as too much preparation! That’s why we’ve created a birthday wish list of our favourite products from this year. Whether you’re tempted by a scrub, oil, body butter or body wash- we’ve got you covered! 

  • Liquid Yoga Space Spray: Our best-selling, relaxing spray instantly induces a sense of peace and serenity, wherever it’s used. With a calming blend of essential oils including Cannabis Oil, spritz around your room or on your yoga mat to be transported to a state of ultimate zen.  
  • Boob Tube Bust Cream: Get party prepped with our multi-action chest tightening cream, devoted to strengthening and supporting the skin on your chest. Clinically proven* to improve the feeling of elasticity in the skin, this new and improved chest tightening cream is supercharged with powerful plant-based actives to hydrate and achieve a radiant-looking chest. 
  • Golden Hour Illuminating Body Moisturiser: For that ultimate glow, try our Golden Hour Illuminating moisturiser to give skin a subtle bronzed shimmer. Boasting our iconic Feel-good Complex with Monks Pepper Berry and Indian Fig extract, you’ll be left with an instant sensation of wellbeing and hydration as your skin glimmers with a healthy glow.   
    • Mio Skincare Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm Dance the night away with our best-selling anti-friction, moisturising balm. Expertly formulated to allow the legs to glide off each other, while niacinamide prevents the appearance of redness.  
  • Dry Body Brush:Our Dry Body Brush flies off the *online* shelves, and for good reason! Gently exfoliating and deeply massaging, this brush reveals smoother and softer skin underneath by removing dry skin cells and ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite to achieve healthier-looking skin.
  • *Tested in an independent clinical trial 

    Interview with our Assistant Campaign Manager, Bethany  

    1. Firstly, can you introduce yourself and your role within the Mio team?  

    Hi, I’m Bethany and I’m the Assistant Campaign Manager for Mio, creating and developing the campaign strategies for all new product launches, gifting moments throughout the year and most importantly Mio’s Birthday!

    2. What does the brand Mio mean to you?  

    We’ve been on such a journey with Mio, and devised a whole new brand strategy which has been so exciting and I can honestly say the brand really means a lot to me! Firstly, I’d say Mio encompasses inclusivity. Mio is a body care brand that is for absolutely everyone, regardless of your age, race and gender and I think we’re really embodying this with our fab product range and imagery that we’re constantly pushing out! Second would be body confidence, we want everyone to use our products and feel absolutely amazing, helping them to have the confidence to get our their legs in the sun, their tummy at the beach and embrace their natural body hair. Last but not least, to me, Mio represents sustainability and helps us to remember to be conscious of the world we live in and this is embodied across all of our product ranges, packaging and fragrances! 

    3. Can you tell us a bit about Mio’s new products that have launched in the last year?  

    In 2020 Mio had its glow up and re-entered the skin and body care market as a new, elevated brand with an incredible product range and firm brand values.  Since our first birthday we have launched an amazing new Private Matters range, and a top-selling Anti-Friction balm. 

    We are on a mission to make everybody feel great ​by developing highly effective body care & skincare from head to toe that’s been designed in mind to boost confidence and elevate your skincare routine. Our new Private Matters range embodies exactly this, and aims to sensitively care for your intimate areas. Packed with plant-based actives and our Feel-Good Complex our cleanser, conditioning oil and soothing cream has everything you need to cleanse, nourish and hydrate whilst caring for your intimate areas.   

    We’ve also excitingly just launched our new Move Groove Anti-Friction balm, tasked with providing a layer of protection over your thighs to stop chafing. Packed full of incredible ingredients such as coconut oil to moisturise and nourish skin, niacinamide to reduce redness and tapioca to provide a smooth and silky feeling to the skin. 96% of our users agreed skin felt protected from rubbing and friction.* What’s not to love?!

    4. What are you most excited about this year for Mio?  

    I’m really excited about the new products we are launching this year for Mio, watch this space as we’ve developed our bodycare with you in mind! 

    5. Is there anything you would like to say to Mio’s customers?  

    Embrace your natural self and be confidently, unapologetically you!  

    We want to make everybody feel great, ooze body confidence and embrace their natural selves and we can’t wait to continue doing this for our wonderful Mio customers!  

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    Bethany Archer

    Bethany Archer

    Writer and expert