Cellulite Prevention: What, why, how?

What is cellulite?

When it comes to cellulite prevention, it’s a popular misconception that losing weight is key, but with 90% of women believed to have cellulite, it unfortunately isn’t as simple as that.

Cellulite isn’t caused by excess fat but rather by regular fat deposits that push and distort the tissues under our skin, leading it to appear dimpled and uneven.

Cellulite Prevention

Exercise to prevent cellulite

Exercise soon after sugar consumption


Although it’s not always possible to leave a dinner table after dessert and pop out for a quick 5k run, it’s super helpful for cellulite prevention to try and exercise soon after you’ve eaten sugar. This is because if said sugar is converted to energy and used to fuel the body through a workout, then less of it will cling to and expand our fat cells. Obviously sugar-dense foods are not the ideal pre-workout fuel but once you’ve eaten it, it’s better to burn it off than sit around and slob.

Drink water to help prevent cellulite

Drink lots of water


Yes, we know that this should be a given by now. Yes, we know that we might be stating the obvious, but with research suggesting that only a quarter of Brits actually consume the recommended daily amount of water, it’s worth hammering home. Water is essential for cellulite prevention as it acts as a natural cleanser and helps flush the toxins out of the body. As well as this, hydrated skin is naturally firmer and more plump; dehydrated skin looks like dehydrated fruit; dry and shriveled! It’s such an easy and cheap way to ensure cellulite prevention, as well as benefiting pretty much every other part of your body, so you’d be silly not to.

Exfoliating dry body brush

Body Brushing


Body brushing has been big news for some time now and is hailed by beauty editors across the globe for its remarkable impact on cellulite prevention. It works by stimulating your lymphatic system to promote cellular production, which in turn helps intensify the body’s natural detoxification process and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Why not try the Mio Body Brush, which, made of natural boar bristles, has been recognized by the likes of Vogue and Elle for its quality and efficacy? Brush daily in long strokes before your shower, brushing in the direction of your heart and your skin will feel exfoliated, fresher and more vibrant almost instantly.



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