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Cellulite & Firming

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Our Firming Faves range is your skin’s new best friend there’s no reason not to love it. It will firm, shape and lift any cellulite, sag or droop and won’t leave your side when you’re fighting the battle of keeping your skin strong. The world can be harsh, whether its pollution, water, babies or stress, it can all take its toll on your skin.

Shrink to Fit

The all over cellulite smoother can help improve the appearance of unwanted lumps and bumps. With a vigorous massaging technique and only a small amount of our serum, Shrink to Fit can help to improve your skin's look and feel. Apply to any affected areas including hips, arms and legs and get fit skin for life!

Boob Tube

Ladies, it’s time to treasure your chest! Our Boob Tube is THE bust serum that needs to be in your life! Apply once daily to your neck and boobs to help keep delicate skin toned, firm and crinkle-free. Fully loaded with anti-oxidants and mega-moisture, the amazing ingredients found in Boob Tube will can help reduce the effects of sun damage on skin.

Get Waisted

When you need that helping hand - Get Waisted! Your personal trainer and best friend wrapped in one, this body cream helps to tighten skin. Our individually chosen ingredients are packed with actives; perfect after or before your workout, Get Waisted will assist your fitness routine and help whip you into shape!

Skin Tight

Our unique serum helps improve the appearance of skin tone to help make it the perfect fit for your body. It really does work wonders and can be used anywhere, from arms to knees – we even found one blogger using it under her neck! And why not because Skin Tight has been formulated to target your personal problem areas, wherever that may be!

The Mio Body Brush

Just like a mechanic needs a spanner, every woman should own a body brush. The boar bristles will stimulate skin. By starting at the soles of your feet and working up your body, our body brush will exfoliate skin leaving it smoother and fresher. Pay extra attention to problem areas and reap the benefits!

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