What Is Chafing? Here’s How To Stop Chafing And What Causes It

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Spring is finally here. After a long, dark and dreary Winter the warmer months have finally graced us with their presence. Now that we’re into the Summer months, you’ve probably planned numerous activities with friends. From long runs to walks in the park and brunch dates, we are SO ready for a long, hot (pretty please) Summer.

But, if you’re passionate about exercise then you probably experience skin chafing from time to time. This uncomfortable, often painful skin concern often rears it’s ugly head once temperatures rise. So, what is chafing? Keep scrolling to find out what causes chafing and how to avoid it so that you can ditch your jeans and replace it with that Summer outfit you’ve been saving for your big events!

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What Is Chafing?

Chafing is a very common skin concern that is cause by a combination of three things; moisture, friction and fabric that causes irritation on the skin. Chafing usually occurs on the thighs and bum, but it can also happen on the groin, feet (blisters), nipples and armpits.

This prolonged friction and rubbing on the skin can cause irritation and can trigger rashes, broken skin and the affected area can become painful, sting or burn. Ouch!

What Causes Chafing?

Remember, our skin is our largest organ so its important that we remember to take care of it properly. Yes, it is strong and flexible, but it can reach its limit and begin to breakdown if it is worked too hard. To prevent chafing, it is vital for the skin to be clean, dry and have the perfect amount of body lotion to help prevent uncomfortable chafing.

Common causes of chafing include:

  • Sports, including running and biking. These activities together combine exercise (motion) and sweat on the body and this can trigger running chafing and biking chafing to develop as a result of clothing that rubs on the skin.
  • Breastfeeding; it is common for mothers to develop sore, chaffed nipples when breastfeeding. Nipple chafing is also common in runners and athletes who wear tight clothing during exercise.
  • Wearing a skirt during hot, humid weather. A lot of people complain of inner-thigh chafing when wearing a skirt.
  • Clothes that don’t fit properly. For example, if your bra strap, waistband and sleeves are too tight.

How To Stop Chafing

The easiest thing to do would be to stop all forms of exercise that can trigger chafing. However, being mover and shakers ourselves, we know that exercise is very important to maintain your feel-good vibes and help raise those mood-boosting endorphins.

If you notice that your skin starts to chafe when exercising, if you’re able to, change into some more comfortable clothes to stop the irritation. When you return home, gently cleanse the affected area with water, pat skin dry and apply a healing cream or body lotion (aloe vera gel works well). If you want to prevent chafing completely, try an anti-chafing cream to help protect your skin before you venture off on your activities.

Your Post-Exercise Hydrating Bodycare Routine

We know that working out in hot, humid weather can make you feel a bit…sweaty. So, indulge yourself with an uplifting and energising post-workout shower that cleanses and nourishes the skin whilst awakening your senses.

Our Workout Wonders range will help you achieve strong, fit skin and enhance your healthy lifestyle. Supercharged with plant-based actives and 100% natural essential oils, this cruelty-free bodycare range will leave your skin feeling re-energised and help extend that magical post-workout buzz.

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Dive In Body Wash

Rinse away the impurities with our Dive In Bodywash; a refreshing body cleanser that removes sweat, dirt and leaves your skin feeling ultra hydrated and softly scented with super zingy notes of Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils. If you’re a keen swimmer, this gentle body wash will help protect your skin against the drying effects of salt water and chlorine!

Muscle Motivator Cooling Gel

Help cool and soothe any inflamed areas with this rapid cooling body gel that can be used pre or post-workout. Supercharged with Seaweed Extract and Menthol, this lightweight gel has a super cool blue texture that provides the skin with an instant cooling sensation, leaving skin feeling hydrated and your tired muscles soothed.

Mio Muscle Motivator Cooling Gel has a 96% natural origin.

Smooth Move Body Cream

Keep areas prone to chafing, smooth and moisturized with this ultra hydrating body cream. Supercharged with our Smooth Booster Complex; a blend of powerful plant-based proteins and vitamins including niacinamide to help firm and protect the skin along with caffeine to help firm and provide results you can both see and feel. Clinically proven* to help your skin look firmer and smooth the appearance of cellulite, apply this moisturizer to thighs, legs and arms to hydrate, protect and reinforce the skin’s barrier for a more toned and healthier looking appearance.

*Independent clinical trial

Mio Smooth Move Body Cream has a 90% natural origin.

Boob Tube Bust Cream

Perfect for keeping your boobs and chest area hydrated and protected, this muti-actioning chest-tightening cream is supercharged with our Smooth Booster Complex to help prevent sagging skin. Apply this bust firming lotion onto your boobs and chest area before or after working out to provide the skin with essential moisture it deserves.

Mio Boob Tube Bust Cream has a 92% natural origin.

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