Transitioning to a Natural Deodorant: A Detox Guide

woman applying natural deodorant

Deodorant is something that we apply to our skin every day without even thinking about it – it’s like brushing your teeth. But, have you ever considered transitioning to a natural deodorant? Take a detox from your aluminum-based antiperspirant!

We know that the process of transitioning to a natural deodorant can leave you feeling a bit, well, smelly. But, the truth is you just have to give it some time for your body to adjust. Interested? Keep scrolling to find out more about the difference between a natural deodorant detox vs antiperspirants, what you can expect from our Mio Skincare Pit Proof Natural Deodorant and how our Clay Away Body Cleanser could help support your underarms on your journey to happy, healthy pits. 

All it takes is a little patience…

woman applying natural deodorant

What’s The Difference Between Deodorant vs Antiperspirants?

First thing’s first, let’s explain the difference between deodorant vs antiperspirant.

  • Deodorants: These are created to get rid of/mask armpit odor, but not perspiration (sweat). When applied, they create an acidic environment on your skin which is less attractive to bacteria. Mio’s nourishing natural deodorant is made with moisture-controlling minerals and sugar shield technology to create a protective layer on your pits while helping to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.
  • Antiperspirants: These contain aluminum-based active ingredients that temporarily plug pores, stop sweating and keep you dry. Blocking your sweat pores will ultimately reduce the amount of perspiration on your skin.

According to scientific studies, there are concerns that if the skin absorbs these aluminum compounds, they can potentially affect the estrogen receptors of breast cells, leading to breast cancer or even Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is little evidence to prove this so more research is needed.

What is a Natural Deodorant Detox?

A natural deodorant detox or an armpit detox is the process of ‘detoxifying’ your armpits from the generic sweat-preventing aluminum antiperspirants that your body has become used to.

Do You Sweat With Natural Deodorant?

If you’re wondering whether you sweat with natural deodorant, remember that as humans, we are meant to sweat. It’s completely natural and is your body’s way of regulating temperature and detoxifying. So, why would you want to prevent this from working properly?

The reason why whether or not you sweat with natural deodorant shouldn’t be a primary cause for concern is that sweat itself doesn’t actually smell. It is the bacteria that grows on the sweat that causes this odor – sounds gross right? Therefore, when you remove aluminum, your body will release what has been blocked which causes this brief time period of body odor. It’s known as a detox when switching to a natural deodorant. So, when making the switch, don’t be surprised when your body will go into overdrive as it will want to release waste and sweat out the aluminum!

The truth is, it’s not that your natural deodorant isn’t working, your body is working harder. Isn’t that cool?

How Long Does it Take for a Natural Deodorant to Work?

So, what should you expect during your transition to a natural deodorant? Well, how long it takes for a natural deodorant to feel as though it is working differs from person to person. it can take up to 30-days for your body to learn to sweat naturally and regulate itself again.

You should expect your armpits to smell a little pungent for the first couple of weeks. This is because your sweat glands are purging and getting rid of all of the built-up bacteria and chemicals that have been trapped whilst you’ve been using antiperspirants. The first 2 weeks are the stage when most people begin to second guess transitioning to a natural deodorant.

But don’t give up! By the third week, you might notice that you’re sweating a little more as your body is working harder to get rid of the last of the bacteria and chemicals. If you’re noticing random patterns during the final 2-weeks of your detox such as not smelling for a whole week and then smelling a little funky for one day, this is completely normal and it is just your body’s way of regulating itself.

Just know that it won’t be like this forever. Although how long it takes for a natural deodorant to work varies, by the 4th week of your of your armpit detox you will start to feel normal again. In fact, you’ll soon notice that you’ll have no odor at all!

How To Make Transitioning to a Natural Deodorant a Little Less… Funky?

Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to make transitioning to a natural deodorant a little less intimidating.

  • Taking Hot Baths: Having a long, hot soak in the tub can speed up the purging phase and will open your pores, encouraging your body to sweat.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes: During your natural deodorant detox, avoid wearing tight, synthetic clothing as this can trap moisture in your pits and feel uncomfortable. Instead, wear cotton or bamboo clothing with loose sleeves to allow your pits to breathe.
  • Diet: That’s right, your diet, exercise routine, and even stress levels can affect your 30-day armpit detox. Eating foods high in sulfur, red meat and processed foods can make you smell more stinky. Make sure to drink lots of water and consider increasing your workouts which can accelerate your natural deodorant detox.

Products such as clay-based masks can help remove the build-up of antiperspirant and help unplug the pores, draw out impurities in your armpits, and hydrate and soothe any irritated skin, making the adjustment a lot easier.

A swatch of clay away body cleanser

Our Clay Away Body Cleanser is a clever 2-in-1 purifying daily body wash that also doubles as a full body mask. Supercharged with plant-based actives including Green Clay, Matcha Tea Extract, Black Willow Bark Extract, and an invigorating fragrance of Eucalyptus essential oil.

As part of your natural deodorant detox, use the mask 1-2 times per week and apply it to your armpits. Leave on for a few minutes, indulge in the reviving fragrance and then rinse off in the shower. Your pits will be left feeling refreshed, purified and deeply cleansed.

There you have it! Give your pits the break they deserve and join the natural crowd- transition to a natural deodorant today!

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