The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Relationship

It’s nearly the most romantic day of the year. The roses are being picked, the chocolates will be bought and the wine will be poured. But, have you chosen the perfect gift yet? Fear not, as we have created the ultimate guide to our best Valentine’s Day gifts to help you show how much you care.

Whether it’s for your girlfriend, boyfriend or daughter, give them a boost of feel-great with our range of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that are plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan* to help them indulge in some self-care vibes and achieve healthy, nourished skin from head-to-toe. 

*Excluding mio cleansing hand gel

1. The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For: Friends

Who said Valentine’s Day was just for couples? Give a friend the gift of radiant skin with our ultimate Glowing Skin Routine Duo. Working together in harmony, this bundle contains everything he/she will need for beautifully glowing skin all year long. First, cleanse your body with our Sun Drenched Body Wash, supercharged with illuminating pearlescent particles, moisturising Andiroba Oil and a mood-uplifting, citrusy fragrance. Then, lock-in that hard-earned hydration with our Golden Hour Illuminating Moisturiser formulated with illuminating micro pearlescent particles that infuse the skin with a glow so bright, Beyoncé would be jealous!

2. The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For: Your Daughter

Treat your daughter to some soothing serenity with our Relaxing Skin Routine Duo. Perfect for those who lead a stressful lifestyle, this calming duo will help her relax and unwind at the end of a long and busy day. First, she can douse her bathwater with our best-selling Liquid Yoga Bath Soak charged with Cannabis Seed oil and powerful aromatherapy essential oils including Lavender, Peppermint and Eucalyptus that radiates a calming, peaceful aroma. Next, before bed she can spritz our iconic Liquid Yoga Space Spray over her pillow and around her bedroom to relax her senses and help reach her ultimate state of zen.

3. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For: Wife

Show your wife how much you care this Valentine’s Day with our Mio Self Care Set For her; the ultimate bumper bodycare kit designed to give her a boost of body-loving vibes and strong, fit and brighter skin. Perfect for a pre-date night pamper, she can start by cleansing her skin with our Sun Drenched Body Wash, exfoliate with Heavenly Body and moisturise and illuminate with Golden Hour Body Moisturiser. If she’s feeling like her cheeks need a little TLC, she can use our NEW clinically proven* Peachy Cheeks Bum Booster Cream to help gently exfoliate and remove surface skin cells for the softest, smoothest cheeks ever. Finally, she can wind down at the end of a long, hectic day with our iconic Liquid Yoga Space Spray to help calm and relax her mind, body and soul.

*83% agreed the product left skin feeling more elastic.

*Independent clinical trial.

4. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For: Husband

Because men love to be pampered, too! Treat your husband to our Self Care Set For Him so he can maintain fit, healthy and strong skin this Valentine’s Day. Charged with our unique Feel Good Complex and plant-based actives, this refreshing routine will give him results he can both see and feel. He can revive and cleanse his body with our Dive In Body Wash, indulge in some soothing spa-like vibes with Clay Away Body Cleanser, cool his muscles post-workout with Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel and hydrate and protect his skin from dryness with Future Proof Body Butter. If his muscles are feeling tense and his mind overwhelmed, he can take a long, hot soak in the tub with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak infused with powerful essential oils to help melt away the worries of the day.

5. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For: Girlfriend

Give your girlfriend the gift of smooth, hydrated skin this Valentine’s Day with our Hydrated Skin Routine that will be sure to give her a boost of feel-great. This duo contains our Future Proof Body Butter, packed full with Omega-rich actives and ultra-hydrating Andiroba Oil for skin that feels smooth and moisturised. Use our Peachy Cheeks Butt Cream charged with natural firming properties including Caffeine and Genistein to help improve skin’s texture for soft, smooth and peachy perfect cheeks.

6. The Best Valentine’s Day Gift For: Boyfriend

Perfect for the boyfriend who leads an active lifestyle, our Active Skin Routine Duo will protect and revitalise his body as he pushes it to it’s limits. He can rinse his workout away with our Dive In Refreshing Body Wash to leave his skin feeling revived, zingy and hydrated. If his muscles are feeling sore post-workout, he can apply our Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel to any tender areas to provide his skin with instant cooling, invigorating relief.



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