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Run Faster with Mio
Set your mind and muscles in motion. Go that extra mile and max your performance - whether that's on the road, or on the treadmill, get the most out of your run with Mio!
Remember - preparation is key! Unlock your fitness potential with Mio. Our Run Faster Kit can help prep and prime muscles, so you can get on with your fitness. Help reduce recovery time with the soothing formulas and ingredients that can help to ease tension in both bodies and minds.
 All the amazing products in this kit are produced with our No Nasties policy - so you can run faster with no worries.

Say Goodnight to our Sleep Better Kit
Mornings can be unforgiving, which is why these two Mio miracles can bring peace, happiness and much needed ZZZ’s. If you can’t sleep, the natural remedies found in Mio’s Sleep Better Kit can help to ease muscles and de-stress your mind. Both our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and Liquid Yoga Space Spray contain amazing qualities to relieve and relax. Wind down with Mio and wake up happy.
Can’t sleep? Well, we have the solution for you! Say goodnight to our Sleep Better kit that can help you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. Our brand spanking new kit is a dream for all of those who are restless once the sun goes down. Inside, you will find the luxurious Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and our new Liquid Yoga Space Spray. When combined, these two products can help your muscles to relax and your mind to unwind. Before you know it, you'll be drifting off.

For a natural sleep remedy, Mio is your helping hand. The amazing ingredients found in Mio’s Sleep Better kit can help to restore and relax muscular tension. Lavender, which is found in both products, can help you de-stress; whilst the soothing scent may rebalance your Zen and put you in a relaxed state - perfect before you head to bed!

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