Your little bump will be beginning to show and by the end of this trimester your baby will be the size of a butternut squash! During your second trimester your boobs and bump will grow and this expertly curated bundle will help keep them elasticised and moisturised to help protect you from developing stretch marks. As your bump begins to grow, your legs and ankles can get tired and puffy. Our lucky legs cooling gel will help you take a load off!

Both Butter and Oil provide the same super results - simply choose based on your texture preference!

Our Packaging

Treading gently on the planet to help future generations, our all new sustainable packaging has been specifically designed with both mama and baby in mind. Our plastic is 100% recyclable and our cutting edge tubes use up to 28% less plastic than our old ones.

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Pregnancy Skin

Your body is incredible Mama! Over your nine month stre-e-etch your body will change to accommodate your little bundle of joy. We've collated all of our research into one place so that you can easily find out how to keep your skin strong and help protect it from getting stretch marks.

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