Power through mama your baby is nearly here! As your bump fully blossoms you'll want to prevent that tight itchiness, keep skin stretchy and hydrated, and soothe those weary pins. These bundles are specifically designed to contain products that include our omega-rich skin stretch complex which, not only elasticises skin but 97% of mamas who used our Tummy Rub Butter also thought it helped soothe itchy tummies too. *Tested on 60 women in an independent/clinical trial.

Both Butter and Oil provide the same super results - simply choose based on your texture preference!

Our Ingredients

Packed full of plant based actives, our products are created with ingredients specifically chosen with mamas in mind. Delivering results you can both see and feel, our pregnancy safe, vegan formulations work hard to help your skin during your nine month stre-e-etch.

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Pregnancy Skin

Your body is incredible Mama! Over your nine month stre-e-etch your body will change to accommodate your little bundle of joy. We've collated all of our research into one place so that you can easily find out how to keep your skin strong and help protect it from getting stretch marks.

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