What does ‘no nasties’ actually mean?

Our no nasties promise is your assurance that mio and mama mio are the cleanest, most effective products that we could make. We do not use parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colourants, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, xenoestrogens, phthalates, PEGs. If you still want to dig a little deeper, you can find everything you need to know on our no nasties fact page!

Are mio and mama mio products vegan?

The Nipple Balm contains a medical-grade (colourless and odourless) Lanolin, a natural fatty substance derived from sheep wool. Most nipple creams use this substance as it is effective at healing sore, cracked nipples and safe to leave on the skin when breast feeding.

Our Superstar in a Jar contains beeswax. 

The body brush uses animal hair (see response below).

All other cosmetic products currently use plant-derived ingredients.

What are the bristles found on your body brushes made of?

Our brushes are produced using the finest materials to guard against friction burns often caused by synthetic fibres. Our body brush is made using boar bristles which are known for being gentle and preventing skin damage.

Are mio and mama mio tested on animals?

No, we do not test on animals. 

Can the Body Brush be used on the tummy for pregnant women?

Everyone’s body reacts differently during pregnancy and we recommend you consult your doctor/physician/medical professional to obtain their advice on whether body brushing is ok for you during this special time. If you are given the ok, be gentle, especially around the tummy area, using light strokes and if you feel any discomfort whatsoever please do not carry on. Brushing your feet, legs and arms should be fine, but again take care not to over exert yourself.

Why can’t I find an expiration date on my mio product?

Many mio and mama mio products do not require a specific expiration date as they have a shelf life in excess of 30 months from the date they were produced, providing the product has not been opened. Where this is the case you will find a little symbol which looks like an open jar together with a number and the letter M. This indicates that the product will retain its characteristics for X months after the product has been opened, where X is the number next to the jar.

All products are suitable for up to six months after they have been opened.

Can all mio (i.e. not mama mio) products be used directly after pregnancy and/ or whilst breastfeeding?

All products are safe to use after pregnancy, but pregnancy can affect people’s bodies in different ways, so you should consult with your doctor/physician/medical professional if you have any concerns related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What is the parfum in mama and mio?

The parfum is made of natural essential oils. There are added man made non-perfuming compounds to help preserve the quality of the scent.

What is the smell found in mama mio’s The Tummy Rub Butter?

Most of our mama mio products contain our special fragrance Gravida (this means pregnancy in latin) which is a zingy burst of delicious citrus that reveals a woody radiant floral heart.

Can I come and work for you?

If you’re interested in working for mio skincare, please send your CV to recruitment@thehutgroup.com

Can we feature mio or mama mio in our magazine/newpaper/blog?

Please send all PR requests to emma.watson@thehutgroup.com