Love handles, don’t they just sound like something good? However, this innocent sounding phrase is the bane of many women!

Why, when you can be pretty slim everywhere, do we collect more wobble on our waists? Well, the finger can be pointed at our hormones. Yes, genetics plays a role in where the fat settles, but the reason women of a healthy weight have twice as much fat as men on their stomachs is down to oestrogen. Check out our slideshows for the best fit skin tips we've found to help level the playing field.

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Working and strengthening the transverse muscle that lies deep in your core has a waist-shaping effect. Learn how to properly work it, and you can ditch those body shapers for good! In addition to improving posture and tummy tightness, The Corset Cincher exercise helps your back feel stronger!

1. When sitting, take a deep belly breath which will help activate your core, pull in and hold for 30 seconds.

2. Pulse back and forth for a count of 10.

3. Repeat 3 times a day.

Remember whenever you do any sort of tummy exercise like crunches or sit-ups, make super-sure that you are always doing them in a way that you can be pulling your tummy button to your spine. Any exercise that makes your tummy bulge out is a no-no. Next time you do an exercise, watch your tummy to see what we mean, just always think, PULL IN for a flatter, tauter tummy in way less time.

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