My Bodycare Routine

Calling creatures of habit everywhere! It’s time to upgrade your bodycare routine and live life to the full with healthier-looking, supported skin.

Let your bodycare routine become second nature with our plant-based, vegan* products to boost your feel-good and give you results you can both see and feel.
*Excluding mio cleansing hand gel


Step 1: Scrub

On dry or damp skin, apply a generous amount of your favorite mio body scrub. Massage in circular motions to exfoliate, smooth and leave skin feeling beautifully soft.

Step 2: Wash

Keep skin fresh and clean from top-to-toe and lather a generous amount of your chosen mio body wash onto damp skin. Massage into a luxurious lather and rinse off for instant hydration and a great glow.

Step 3: Moisturise

Lock in that hard earned hydration with one of our body moisturizers, creams or body butters. Slather on, massage until fully absorbed and get ready to reveal a head-to-toe, radiant glow!

Bonus Step: Treatment

Take your bodycare routine to the next level with our range of targeted solutions to renew, firm and protect your skin. From exfoliating body serums to nourishing oils and firming body creams, there's a product to boost every body's feel-great.