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Bath and Shower 

By adapting Double Buff and QuickStart in your daily routine, skin can look smoother and softer. Additionally, our Clean Slate Swipes are a workout necessity that you should not visit the gym without!

The best-selling product in our bath and shower collection, QuickStart Shower Gel can motivate you to get moving! With spearmint and caffeine blended into a whole host of stimulating ingredients, skin can appear brighter and nourished with one healthy hit. Our coconut derived cleaners help skin without stripping essential oils. Additionally, our Quick Start Shower Gel leaves you smelling gorgeous and fresh all day long.

To be used in the shower, our QuickStart shower gel’s minty aroma will leave you smelling gorgeous all day long.

Double Buff
We understand the importance of exfoliating skin! Nothing feels more luxurious than fabulously smooth skin, which is why we developed Double Buff! The double enzyme exfoliator can help to rapidly transform the appearance of rough, dull skin. This body scrub truly is the rising star of our bath and shower range, and it is loved by top bloggers - one even claimed that Double Buff is quite simply the best body exfoliate she's ever used!

With the use of lava and bamboo as the exfoliating component, skin is polished without scratching the delicate surface. Together, these ingredients can help to improve the overall appearance and feel of your skin.

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