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During pregnancy and even after, your boobs are tender and sensitive most of the time. Show them that you care with our sore boobs collection. Treasure your chest and smoother them with our expert protection that is jam packed with essential nutrients. Whether you are experiencing cup size changes or suffering the joys of new mama nursing nipples, our Pregnancy Boob Tube and Keep Calm Nipple Balm will soothe and restore sore boobs.

Pregnancy Boob Tube

Our Pregnancy Boob Tube will protect, cool and soothe sore boobs. Our moisturising ingredients will protect your boobs against stretch marks as your body prepares for your gorgeous baby. As your boobs grow, delicate skin will begin to sag, which is why we have used innovative ingredients such as blueberry and milk thistle extract to tackle this perky problem. The firming formula will strengthen all areas of your chest, allowing skin to withhold the extra weight gained from pregnancy.

Top tip – Don’t forget your neck!

Keep Calm Nipple Balm

We know how sensitive nipples can be, especially when nursing your new born baby. It’s such a wonderful experience to bond with your beautiful baby, so that’s why we created our Nipple Balm specifically to ensure that nothing ruins these precious moment between mama and baby.

Nipples can get sore because they are not used to constantly being wet then dry, wet then dry, plus they are subjected to the unsuppressed hunger of a new born! The soothing power of our Keep Calm Nipple Balm will ensure that your nipples are hydrated and moisturised while nursing your gorgeous baby.

Top Tip – To reduce your chance of getting sore nipples, let your baby self-latch when feeding. It may take time, but with the right position your baby should find your nipple on their own.

With your Mama Mio products, sore boobs will be a thing of the past, so now you can get on with enjoying those precious moments that will last a lifetime!

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