post pregnancy

Everything you need to take you through those early months of new mamahood. No-one understands what your amazing body has just accomplished like we do – we have lived it many times! Go easy on yourself, set achievable goals and take a little time to invest in YOU.

Clinically proven to minimise pregnancy stretch marks
help protect, soothe and cool pregnant and new mama boobs
Nipple balm
Relieves and soothes delicate sore nipples with organic oils
Omega body lotion
Replenish, revitalise and nourish dry skin from top to toe
body shaper
Help energise and contour for a flatter firmer looking tummy
cellulite smoother
Reduce ‘orange peel’ with our skin smoothing cellulite cream
tightening serum
tighten crepey skin - think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin