keep your cool

with these top tips
by Mama Mio Skincare

If your air conditioner is getting more love than
your partner this summer, read on for our
Mama Mio approved tips and essentials to
beat the heat
during your pregnancy.

1 lighten up your legs with Lucky Legs

Did you know that you have a third more blood in your circulation system when pregnant? Isn’t
nature amazing! But that extra pressure combined with water retention, summer heat and
carrying that little baby around all day can take its toll on your legs and feet.

Lucky Legs cooling energising leg gel brings instant comfort, cooling and de-puffing anytime,
but is especially fab after a pregnancy workout to help cool your heels. Keep it in your gym bag
or handbag so you can pep up those pins whenever you need it.

2 keep your face shine-free

Feeling hot and bothered? Feel fresh, clean and balanced any
time with Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow balancing facial swipes.
When temperatures and humidity rise, we sweat more. As well,
sebum lipids become more “fluid” so they make our skin feel
greasier, even if we aren’t actually producing more oil.

Gorgeous Glow swipes will help skin feel super-clean and balanced, but never tight. Since they don’t strip your skin of essential oils, it’s OK to swipe if you’re feeling especially greasy and sweaty during your pregnancy.

your perfect summer workout:
deep water running

Water running in the deep end of the pool is a great exercise for pregnant women for so many reasons like
buoyancy and no impact on joints. This workout was adapted from famed swim coach Doug Stern.

Equipment Any device that keeps your body afloat and in an upright position will work, like a learn-to-swim
belt with three adjustable floats. Place the strap under your belly later in pregnancy.

How To

Legs Start with very straight legs. Point your toes as if you are a ballet dancer and sweep your legs back and
forth. Use your upper thigh to create the movement. Make no attempt to bend or lift your knees.

Arms With your arms gently by your sides, palms of hands facing backward, elbows slightly bent, leading with
your elbows, press your arms back in coordination with your legs (left leg-right arm and vice versa). Let your
thumb graze your thigh as it swings in each direction. Make sure your arms move directly forward and back.

Shoulders Press your shoulders back and down slightly. They should be loose and relaxed.

Chest Press your chest forward and up.

Warm up for 5 – 10 minutes and work up to a 30 minute jog a few times a week for both cardio conditioning
and full body toning.

If the above sounds like more than you want to take on right now during your pregnancy, there’s nothing like floating in a pool, on the lake, or in the ocean to help you feel cool, calm and light as a feather in the summer heat.

Happy summer!
Sian, Tanya, Jill and Kathy

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