Help me with my growing, swollen boobs

Just how big can my boobs get?
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Pretty darn big. Like E, F and G big. Those voluptuous boobs are on loan, and the rent is high if you don’t look after the very delicate skin on your décolleté. But fear not. Help is at hand for you and your cups that runneth over.

Did you know that the time that has the most influence on breast sagging is when your milk dries up (whether you breastfeed or not)? When this happens, things can look, well, a little deflated. Most women get a little volume back when their hormones and bodies return to normal, but you can minimise the ups and downs with the proper arsenal of skincare products, eating right and healthy lifestyle choices.

Read on for your plan to help soothe and protect your boobs throughout pregnancy and nursing, as well as tips and tricks to keep your boobs fit and fabulous, aiming north, not south your whole life long.